LANGUAGE LABORATORIES:We have built and installed our Language Laboratory systems in various Colleges of Education and

polytechnics across Nigeria .

See list of some of our Language Laboratory Projects.

Model – 2066A Language Lab Controlled by keyboard

Model–2008 Pure software language lab

Model – 2066   Language Lab Controlled by Computer



Model–2066A  Digital Language Lab controlled by keyboard

BL-2066A Model Multi-media Language Learning System has computer and movable keyboard two operation ways. The teacher recorder,

which uses imported electricity-controlled movement, film button and liquid crystal display with a large screen, has the perfect function and

novel design.

Main Functions:

Acoustic Control: Teacher can control the sound of the main recorder at any time according to the teaching requirement.

Pause: When the teaching material divided into many paragraphs has been played, every paragraph pause the same time automatically.

It can be controlled either by computer or by the movable keyboard.

Students can choose two- way programs, when they have classes.

Teacher can make dialogue with different teams.


Standardization exam Function

The time of exam can be set at random.

Remote Control Main Recorder Machine and Student Machine

Whole Dialogue: The voice of the teacher can be transferred to the whole class.

Play: Teacher can explain a certain program.

Program Listening: Students can freely choose any program to listen to.

Meeting Function: This system can automatically divide the students into several teams to make conversation.

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