Off-grid solar inverter, SUNSHINE INVERTER is a system with high-efficiency, the functions as a pure sine wave inverter, emergency ATS and storage battery

charger, designed and manufactured suitably for off-grid solar-wind power generation systems, power back-up systems using large-sized batteries,

communication and test devices for DC 48V equipment, automobiles, ships, military equipment, communications, working vehicles and camping cars.


1. Pure sinusoidal output

- In addition to the function as a pure sine wave output inverter, this has a function of Automatic Transformer Switch.

2. Parallel Operation System

- Capable of single-phase or three-phase operation, up to 10 sets parallel operation by modular method

(single-phase 50 kW, three-phase 150 kW)

3. Outstanding Stability and Reliability

- Its functionality and reliability has grown with ATS function, high surge capacity, and perfect insulation design.

4. Various Application area

- Off-grid photovoltaic and wind power generation system

- Power backup system using large battery assemblies

- Communication and test equipment for DC 48V device

- Cars, ships, military equipments, communication, operating vehicles, camping cars


SUN LIGHT OFF-GRID SYSTEM is a off-grid power generation system with high-efficiency, designed and manufactured suitably for solar-wind power hybrid

systems, solar off-grid systems, country houses, the uses of electric tools for construction sites, ships, communications, construction vehicles, street stalls, l

eisure and events.

The SLOG System is a combination of pure sinewave inverter and high power solar/wind charger controller with all necessary control devices built into one


Capacities range from 1KW to 250KW



1. Pure sinusoidal output

- Pure electric power system utilizing nature resource. Environment friendly, no maintenance is required.

2. Parallel Operation System

- A system capable of coupling of the photovoltaic system with the wind power generation.


3. Outstanding Stability and Reliability

- Usability has further increased with the system that can use the grid power source and the power of generator during emergency.

4. Various Application area

- Off-grid photovoltaic system, hybrid solar-wind power generation system

- Homes, Shops, Offices

- Electric tools at the construction site

- Ships, communication, construction vehicles, stalls, leisure, events, etc

NOTE: Capacities range from 1KW to 75KW















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